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Andrea Fleming

Clinic director, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Andrea started off her academic career by completing her undergraduate degree in psychology through the University of Calgary. After completing her degree, she signed up for Chinese Medicine school, never having had a single acupuncture needle inserted into her body. She based her decision on two things. First: a keen interest in treating ailments naturally.  Second: a research paper that she wrote in university. It listed study after study supporting the effectiveness of treating all sorts of problems with Chinese Medicine. 

After completing a 5 year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma program in BC, Andrea finished her final practicum in China. After seeing the doctors at work in China, Andrea was convinced that she had made the right decision.​ She came home after three months of study and travel and set to work at building her practise. 

Andrea's journey to become a healer wasn't all smooth sailing. Right after she got word that she passed her acupuncture board exam in 2006, her knees started to hurt, and then her whole body started to hurt. She could barely walk. She couldn't get up or stairs or even off the toilet without assistance. It hurt to move. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was attacking her body.

She was so scared that she wouldn't get better and would be in pain for the rest of her life. She was angry and frustrated because she didn’t want to be on drugs for the rest of my life. She was doing all of this work to get better, and nothing seemed to be helping. But somewhere in her despair, she realized she had much to be grateful for. Her housemates went above and beyond the call of duty to help her with every step toward her recovery, and that made all of the difference.

With a team of support behind her, Andrea dove into natural treatment methods. She visited the homeopathic doctor. She consulted with a Chinese Herbalist and gagged down the formulas they prescribed. She saw acupuncturists who specialized in pain disorders. They poked her full of needles. She slept. She drastically changed her diet. She cried tears of frustration. She meditated. She begrudgingly took the western medications.

There wasn’t one big healing moment for Andrea when all of the pain suddenly disappeared. However, all of the energy that she put into healing had a cumulative effect, and 6 months later, she was well enough to pack her backpack and leave for China to study the medicine that had helped her get back to health.

Andrea feels that her health crisis was an important part of her journey to becoming a healer. 

She now knows what pain is. When you say you hurt, she is empathetic. She knows what it is like to be scared, frustrated, angry and sad because your body isn’t cooperating, and you don’t know what the future holds. 

She also knows that you can heal. She has experienced it first hand. She knows what hope is and to never give up.

She has also learned about gratitude, accepting and asking for help and letting go.

"It is hard to be anything but humble when someone is lifting you naked, wet, broken body out of the bathtub because you can’t do it on your own."

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